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Yurt Cost

Australia, with its vast landscapes and diverse climates, offers a unique lifestyle that many Australians find appealing. For those who crave a connection with nature and a simpler way of living, the dream of residing in a yurt is becoming increasingly popular. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of yurts, what makes them appealing, and delve into the specific costs associated with owning a yurt in Australia in 2024.

The History of Yurts: A Nomadic Tradition

The yurt, a traditional portable dwelling, has a rich history dating back to ancient Central Asia. Originating from the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, yurts were designed to withstand the harsh climate of the Central Asian steppes. These circular structures were ingeniously crafted with a wooden frame and covered with felt or animal skins, providing a warm and sturdy shelter for nomadic communities. Yurts appeal to those who want a taste of unconventional living.

Yurts became synonymous with the nomadic lifestyle, offering a portable and durable solution that could be easily assembled and disassembled as tribes roamed in search of resources. Over the centuries, the design of yurts has evolved, incorporating modern materials while retaining the essential elements that make them unique.

The Allure of Yurts: Simplicity and Versatility

What makes yurts so appealing in the 21st century? The allure lies in their simplicity, versatility, and connection to nature. Yurts are often associated with a minimalist lifestyle, providing a compact yet comfortable living space that encourages a closer relationship with the environment. There are several colours that can match any landscape, and more of these colours are being introduced. Whatever your landscape, there will always be a yurt colour palette that suits your needs.

The circular design of yurts allows for efficient use of space, with a central support column and radial roof rafters creating an open and airy interior. The ability to customise the interior layout makes yurts suitable for a variety of purposes, from cosy residences to yoga studios, offices, or guest accommodations.

Moreover, the portability of yurts allows for a unique nomadic experience, offering the freedom to set up a temporary home in different locations. This flexibility resonates with those who seek a more transient lifestyle, appreciating the ability to immerse themselves in different natural settings.

Yurt Prices in Australia in 2024: A Closer Look

For Australians considering the dream of yurt living, understanding the cost involved is crucial. Yurts come in various sizes and designs, and in addition to traditional yurts, there are also options like Geo Domes and Tiny Houses that cater to different preferences. Let’s explore the specific prices for yurts in Australia in 2024.

5-Meter Yurt (16 sqm): $11,000

  – Diameter: 5 metres

  – Floor Area: 16 square metres

  – Wall Height: 1.68 metres

  – Dome Height: 2.9 metres

For those starting with a more modest space, a 5-metre yurt provides a cosy living area while maintaining an affordable price tag. With a spacious floor area of 16 square metres, this yurt is suitable for individuals or couples looking to embrace a simpler lifestyle without compromising on comfort.

5-Meter Yurt with Enhanced Features (20 sqm): $12,000

  – Diameter: 5 metres

  – Floor Area: 20 square metres

  – Wall Height: 1.68 metres

  – Dome Height: 3 metres

For those seeking a bit more room and enhanced features, the 5-metre yurt with a 20-square-metre floor area is an excellent option. With additional space, this yurt accommodates larger families or individuals who desire more room for creative endeavours, work, or relaxation.

The Grandeur of a 6.3-Meter Yurt: $13,500

– Diameter: 6.3 metres

– Floor Area: 31 square metres

– Wall Height: 1.68 metres

– Dome Height: 3.1 metres

For those who envision a more expansive yurt experience, the 6.3-meter yurt is an enticing option. Priced at $13,500, this yurt boasts a diameter that allows for a spacious 31-square-metre floor area. The increased dome height of 3.1 metres adds to the grandeur of the structure, creating a sense of openness and airiness within.

Elevating Yurt Living to Grandeur: The 8-Meter Yurt in Australia

In the ever-evolving landscape of alternative living, the dream of residing in a yurt reaches new heights with the introduction of the impressive 8-metre diameter yurt. In 2024, Australians with a penchant for spacious and luxurious living spaces are turning their attention to this grandiose yurt model. Priced at $15,500, the 8-metre yurt promises an expansive floor area, elevated walls, and a towering dome height, offering a unique opportunity for a distinctive and comfortable lifestyle.

The Majestic Dimensions of the 8-Meter Yurt: $15,500

– Diameter: 8 metres

– Floor Area: 50 square metres

– Wall Height: 1.8 metres

– Dome Height: 4 metres

For those who desire a yurt that goes beyond the ordinary, the 8-metre yurt stands as a testament to grandeur and luxury. With a significant 50-square-metre floor area, this yurt provides an unparalleled spaciousness, making it an ideal choice for those looking to embrace a lifestyle of comfort and opulence.

Why not shop for a Yurt and enjoy great prices? There are different styles, sizes and designs that you can choose from. Make the right decision today and enjoy the unique way of living that yurts offer.


In conclusion, the dream of living in a yurt is no longer confined to the nomadic traditions of Central Asia. Australians, drawn to the simplicity, versatility, and connection to nature that yurts offer, are exploring this alternative lifestyle with increasing enthusiasm. With prices ranging from $11,000 for a 5-metre yurt to $12,000 for an enhanced 5-metre version, the affordability and uniqueness of yurts make them an attractive option for those seeking a different way of life. Whether nestled in the serene countryside or perched along the coast, yurts in Australia embody the fusion of tradition and modernity, providing a dream come true for those yearning for a closer connection to the land Down Under.

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