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Featured Image What Is A Yurt

What Is A Yurt?

The word “yurt” was derived from the Old Turkic languages to describe a “homeland” – essentially a place where you live and eat. Traditional yurts are comparable to igloos, which in the Inuit language was described as a “home built of any material”. However we know that you may have come across this article to […]

What is a Yurt Made of?

Let’s face it – dirt living, or living in yurts, compares to nothing else when it comes to a harmonious blend of tradition, versatility, and a connection with the natural surroundings. In the vast tapestry of Australian landscapes, the yurt has found a new home, captivating hearts with its unique charm. But what exactly is […]

How to Build a Yurt?

In the vast and diverse landscapes of Australia, a unique and unconventional lifestyle has emerged, where individuals have chosen to embrace the simplicity and harmony of living in yurts. Contrary to the bustling urban centres, a community of free-spirited individuals, affectionately known as “Dirt Dwellers,” has found solace in the Australian wilderness. These eco-conscious pioneers […]


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