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How to Build a Yurt?

Are you intrigued by the idea of building your own yurt? Whether you’re drawn to a minimalist lifestyle or simply looking for a unique backyard retreat, understanding how to construct a yurt can open up new possibilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through each step of the building process, from laying the foundation to securing the roof. We’ve got all the instructions you need to get from start to finish. And if you’re more of a visual learner, don’t worry—we’ve also embedded a detailed tutorial video just below, so you can watch the entire process in action.

Materials & Tools Needed:

This table lists all the essential tools and materials needed to build a yurt, including common components found in yurt kits.
Type Items
Essential Tools Landscaping shovel, 8-foot ladder, hammer, power drill, rope
Materials Concrete for footings, framing lumber
Yurt Kit Components Canvas or vinyl coverings, wooden lattice

Before You Begin:

Before diving into yurt construction, it’s crucial to prepare a solid foundation. The type of foundation you choose will depend on the yurt kit size and the duration you plan to use the structure. Whether it’s a temporary retreat or a permanent home, starting with the right base is key.

Step 1: Build a Circular Base

Creating a stable base is the first step in yurt construction. You can either level a section of earth for a traditional setup or opt for a raised wooden platform, which is ideal for semi-permanent or permanent structures. Raised platforms provide stability and help prevent water damage. For larger yurts, concrete footings may be necessary, and this might require obtaining permits.

Step 2: Install Door Frame and Lattice Wall

The placement of your door is pivotal. If your foundation includes steps, positioning the door directly in front aligns well. Secure the door frame to the foundation using the provided hardware. Next, stretch the lattice walls from one side of the door around to the other, anchoring as you go. This forms the yurt’s main structure.

Step 3: Build the Roof

The roof is constructed from rafters that attach to a central compression ring. This ring helps distribute the roof’s weight evenly, which is particularly important in snowy conditions. Attaching each rafter requires precision and usually a few extra hands to ensure everything is level and secure.

Step 4: Cover the Yurt

When it comes to covering your yurt, you have options such as traditional canvas or more durable weatherproof vinyl. Start by covering the roof, possibly adding a thermal layer first to enhance insulation. Secure the roofing material, then proceed with the wall coverings, ensuring each section overlaps properly to avoid leaks.


Building a yurt can be a deeply satisfying project, offering not just a living space but a personal achievement. Yurts are adaptable to various climates, providing a practical and charming solution whether in the cold mountains or a sun-bathed plain. Reflect on the journey from foundation to finishing touches and the unique comforts your new yurt will bring.

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Meet Ryan Smith, the passionate founder of Yurt In The Dirt. With years of living in yurts and hands-on experience in every facet of their creation, Ryan brings unmatched expertise and enthusiasm to the world of sustainable living. His commitment to quality and love for the yurt lifestyle fuel our mission to connect more people with this extraordinary way of life. Join Ryan and discover how yurts can transform your connection with nature

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