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A Yurt interior 8 meter diameter in Western Australia

How Much Does A Yurt Cost?

Explore the affordability and superior quality of Yurt In The Dirt’s custom yurts. Designed to withstand Australia’s challenging climates, our yurts blend durability with style, providing comfort and value that lasts.

A Yurt in a farm setting Australia

What Is A Yurt?

The word “yurt” was derived from the Old Turkic languages to describe a “homeland” – essentially a place where you live and eat. Traditional yurts are comparable to igloos, which in the Inuit language was described as a “home built of any material”. However we know that you may have come across this article to […]

What is a Yurt Made of?

Yurts are more than just tents; they are a testament to nomadic ingenuity. Originating from the steppes of Central Asia, these circular dwellings have housed Mongolian families for thousands of years. Traditionally constructed from wood and felt, yurts are designed to be both portable and sturdy. Today, they capture the imagination of eco-conscious adventurers worldwide, […]

How to Build a Yurt?

Are you intrigued by the idea of building your own yurt? Whether you’re drawn to a minimalist lifestyle or simply looking for a unique backyard retreat, understanding how to construct a yurt can open up new possibilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through each step of the building process, from laying the foundation […]


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