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how much does a yurt cost

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  • Yurt In The Dirt Australia offers high-quality yurts starting from $11,000, cost-effective compared to typical market prices of $15,000 to $20,000.
  • Designed to withstand harsh Aussie conditions, featuring durable materials like double-coated PVC canvas and bamboo lattice frames.
  • Our yurts provide superior insulation, aesthetic appeal, and require minimal maintenance, unlike cheaper alternatives.
  • Choose quality and affordability with Yurt In The Dirt, where your comfort meets our craftsmanship.

If that summary wasn’t enough, here’s some more information about the costs that are factored into constructing a yurt as well as how we’d be able to get your yurt up and running in the quickest way possible. 

To put it simply, trusting the build quality is what’s going to be most important. Some yurts may look nice from the outside, but the build quality can be absolutely horrendous – and then forget about the customer service and anyone to actually help you when things go wrong. 

how much does a yurt cost

My name’s Ryan Smith, I’m the owner of Yurt In The Dirt Australia – and as someone who actually lives in a yurt and is writing this blog post from a yurt that I custom manufactured, I know exactly what you’ll need to ensure you’re taking full advantage of these spaces safely and without any risk. All of that while still saving money in your pocket!

Cheap vs Quality Materials


Cheap Materials

Quality Materials (Yurt in the Dirt)

Yurt Cover Thin polyester or plastic Double coated PVC canvas, waterproof, UV-resistant
Wall Frame Lightweight plastic or inferior wood Bamboo lattice with top and bottom aluminium channels
Roof Frame Cheaper, less durable wood or metal Structural pine beams
Skylight Basic plastic, may yellow over time Clear polycarbonate dome, durable
Ventilation Minimal or no dedicated ventilation systems Whirly bird style ventilation
Windows Simple plastic or low-quality glass Glass and aluminium construction, optional sizes
Door Low-quality wood or composite materials Fir wood double door with glass panels
Insulation Basic or no insulation Felt insulation between inner lining and cover
Interior Liner Cheaper fabric, may degrade quickly Light-coloured patterned fabric

When choosing a yurt, the quality of materials used significantly affects its durability, comfort, and overall performance, especially under Aussie weather conditions. Here’s how yurts made from cheaper materials stack up against those crafted in Yurt In The Dirt’s production process.

  • Durability: Yurts constructed with low-cost materials often utilize thinner, less durable fabrics and lightweight framing that may not withstand harsh weather conditions, especially wind and heat (which you guessed it, pretty much the Australian climate). In contrast, our products use durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant double coated PVC canvas for the yurt cover and robust frames made of bamboo lattice and aluminum which means in any sort of condition, our yurts stand up to the test.
  • Comfort and Insulation: Cheap materials can really compromise the yurt’s ability to regulate temperature and prevent moisture build-up. Our yurts include felt insulation and a whirly bird style ventilation system, maintaining a comfortable interior climate in both cold and hot weather, while cheaper alternatives may lack adequate insulation and ventilation features.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: While cheaper yurts may use less appealing or lower-quality interior materials that fade or wear quickly (polyster, nylon, cheap carpets, etc.), Yurt in the Dirt uses a light-coloured patterned fabric for the interior liner, creating an inviting and beautiful ambiance. Additionally, structural features like the clear polycarbonate dome skylight and optional large glass windows enhance natural lighting and views, features often compromised in less expensive models. It’s because of this that I’ve been able to live comfortably – the lighting makes a big difference to your day to day use of the yurt.
  • Maintenance and Longevity: High-quality materials require less maintenance and are more likely to last longer. Our choice of materials, from the durable roof frames of structural pine to the fir wood double doors, ensures that your yurt remains in excellent condition with minimal upkeep compared to cheaper alternatives.

Yurt In The Dirt’s product range

When deciding on a yurt, cost is a major consideration and probably the reason why you’re on this article in the first place. If you shop around, most yurts will cost you $15,000 – $20,000 for around 15-20 sqm. Our yurts are cheaper coming in at $11,000 – $12,000 for the same products. If you wanted something a little bit bigger, for example something that’s 30-50 sqm, then you’d be looking at an even higher price however our highest priced yurt at 50sqm is going to cost you $15,500. I’ve already given you the low down on the quality of our products, but also wanted to let you know our products are at an affordable price range for you as well.

4.5 Metre Yurt

how much does a yurt cost
Diameter: 4.5m Floor Area: 16sqm Wall Height: 1.68m Roof Height: 2.9m Price: $11,000
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The 4.5m yurt is the most budget-friendly option, ideal for those looking to create intimate settings without a hefty price tag. Its compact size reduces costs on materials and maintenance, making it perfect for personal yoga studios, home offices, or artistic retreats. It’s an economical choice for anyone seeking a private escape or a serene addition to their garden, offering just enough space for solitude and creativity.

5 Metre Yurt

how much does a yurt cost
Diameter: 5m Floor Area: 20sqm Wall Height: 1.68m Roof Height: 3m Price: $12,000
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This slightly larger yurt is well-suited for those needing a bit more room without drastically increasing costs. It offers a comfortable balance between affordability and functionality, accommodating a small kitchenette and living area. This size is ideal for alternative accommodation, such as a guest house or a larger personal studio, providing enough space for small group activities while still being cost-effective.

6.3 Metre Yurt

how much does a yurt cost
Diameter: 6.3m Floor Area: 31sqm Wall Height: 1.68m Roof Height: 3.1m Price: $13,500
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The 6.3m yurt presents a greater initial investment but offers substantial space for a variety of uses, which can justify the higher cost. It’s perfect for community gatherings, workshops, or small events, and can be an excellent option for luxurious glamping setups. This size maximizes the potential for rental income or commercial use in eco-tourism ventures, offering ample room for multiple beds and lounging areas.

8 Metre Yurt

how much does a yurt cost
Diameter: 8m Floor Area: 50sqm Wall Height: 1.8m Roof Height: 4m Price: $15,500
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The largest in the range, the 8m yurt requires a higher investment due to its size and the increased quantity of materials. However, it provides extensive space that is perfect for commercial applications such as pop-up shops, cafés, or large yoga studios. This size is also well-suited for use as community or educational centers, where versatility and space are essential. The cost is offset by the yurt’s potential to attract a higher volume of business or larger events, making it a worthwhile consideration for those seeking to maximize their investment.

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Meet Ryan Smith, the passionate founder of Yurt In The Dirt. With years of living in yurts and hands-on experience in every facet of their creation, Ryan brings unmatched expertise and enthusiasm to the world of sustainable living. His commitment to quality and love for the yurt lifestyle fuel our mission to connect more people with this extraordinary way of life. Join Ryan and discover how yurts can transform your connection with nature

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