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Yurts Australia

We’re excited to announce the addition of two stunning new colours to our yurt outer cover options: Colourbond Evening Haze and Pale Eucalypt. These colours are a tribute to the Australian landscape and will have your yurt feeling perfectly at home in its surrounds.

**Evening Haze**: This warm and neutral beige reflects a variety of earthy tones found in the Australian landscape, from the limestone coastlines to the dry grasses of inland plains, bringing a sense of calm and contemplation to your yurt. Whether nestled in the bush or perched on a coastal outlook, a yurt dressed in Evening Haze complements its surroundings with subtle elegance.

**Pale Eucalypt**: Inspired by the varied green tones found in our native eucalypt species, Pale Eucalypt is a versatile and calming colour allowing your yurt to harmonise with the gum trees and native foliage around it. A yurt in Pale Eucalypt not only blends beautifully with its environment but also adds an earthy, organic touch.

These colours have been carefully chosen from the Colourbond range, known for its resilience and compatibility with the Australian outdoors. They have been designed for our unique Australian light and landscape, ensuring that your yurt doesn’t just stand in nature but becomes a part of it.

Choose to have one colour or combine them to complement each other with separate roof and walls. Colour swatches are available at most hardware or paint stores making them easy to see in person.

Head to more details, specs and pricing. Available now for all yurt orders.


Yurts Australia
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